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 Be independent of power lines and power companies, and be proud to harvest what nature is offering to us FREE of charge. 

   Inverters:  This clever little box of tricks turns 12 Volts DC battery power into AC mains Power for the use in all household power requirements, for all appliances that are used in the home or business. Inverters can run direct from a cars battery or larger storage battery systems for all household appliances.

Or use your drill, electric saw, computers & printers direct from your car or van. 

Modified sine wave, or square wave inverters can be half the price (of the Pure sine wave inverters) but double the trouble when powering up sensitive electronic equipment.      We do not recommend them.

Pure Sine Wave Inverters provide cleaner, purer power than the power companies can provide.



 12volt Inverters 1000 Watt (1Kilowatt)  PURE SINE WAVE continuous power (2000 Watt Peak)NOW $899.00   Pure Sine wave inverters will run all electrical equipment including TV, Computers, Fridge, Freezers, Pumps and all power equipment from a 12 volt source.  

3000 Watt (6000 Watt Surge) PURE SINE WAVE  Inverter to run everything in a small household from a 12 volt source. Special $1195.00 (Was $3500.00). 

1000 Watt to 10,000 Watt (Pure Sine Wave)  Inverters  

 Solar panels use the free energy from the sun and turn it into useable electricity for the charging of storage batteries to convert to mains power. We now have solar panels that continue to work even on cloudy days. Efficiency has increased and most panels are now guaranteed for 25 years.



Retail Was $6.00 per Watt  

Our Price NOW $2.95 + GST per watt on all panels.

All new with FULL manufactures GUARANTEE:

110 Watt (6.4 Amp)  NOW  $325.00           

120 Watt (7.0 Amp)  NOW  $355.00          

180 Watt (10.5 Amp) NOW $530.00


 Batteries are the heart of all Remote Area and Alternative Energy Supplies as they store solar and wind energy collected daily so it can be used continuously at night or on cloudy days to ensure regular 24Hr supplies.   Deep cycle batteries provide greater stability and allow heavier current (power) draw over a longer period of time. 

Wind turbines harness the power of wind to generate electricity for the charging of storage batteries in  remote area power systems. A turbine generating up to 1000 Watts of power can have blades of little more than one metre in length (small but powerful ). Turbines that generate AC current at 110 & 240 Volts are also available.

Wind turbines compliment solar systems, as they work day AND night whenever there is a breeze.


Generators:  Petrol, Diesel, LPG and Bio Fuel generators can provide back up or run household or business appliances when no other power is available. These are getting cheaper but are still a little noisy and have on going fuel costs.

Solar PV's have no moving parts and are absolutely SILENT!  in their power generation.




                    As oil and natural gas prices climb, the cost of harnessing the power of sun and wind is dropping. A new advancement using "nanotechnology" (the science of building microscopic materials from single atoms or molecules) has enabled scientists to develop a "photovoltaic ink" that converts sunlight into electricity. This ink can be attached to any smooth surface or integrated into roofing material producing power at a third of the cost of some traditional silicon panels.

This will give us the world’s first printed thin-film solar cell in a commercial panel product.

 Unfortunately for Nanosolar while they were developing this "ink" the demand for solar power world wide has exploded, so production of traditional solar panels has been hugely increased.

This increase in production and subsequent on going sales has brought the price down to the same level as the new nano technology, virtually putting the company out of business.



 See our Solar Panel Specials.

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