Mission Statement
Every home and business should have the ability to provide a comfortable level of safety with back up power , at reasonable cost, in an emergency (or black out) situation. 


Here at Alternative Power Products NZ we are dedicated to providing solutions to maintaining reliable power where and when there is none, due to lack of main grid supply. For businesses, mobile homes, remote cabins, and out buildings.

In adverse situations we require a safe power supply and a level of comfort to match our life styles.

Power for computers, microwaves, tv and mobile phone chargers for use while on the move and away from power sockets, in the car, caravan, boat, batch or to power entire households.

For a small outlay we can provide reliable 230 volt supplies to run appliances such as lighting, computers, tv, microwave, or cash registers, even your coffee maker in remote or black out situations.

We can help with reliable permanent or back up power supplies for house holds and business.